Activity Code

Banquet kitchen

Includes the provision of food services based on contractual arrangements with the customers, at the location specified by the customer, such firms are allowed the take away service as the premises lacks the suitable installations for serving food .

Activity Code

Floating Restaurant

Includes ships, boats or yachts suitably equipped for dining on board, including serving the food and beverages while the ship is anchoring or on entertainment cruise.

Activity Code

Shisha Services

Includes serving shish in cafes or in other places as per the approval of the competent authorities.

Activity Code

Floating Coffee Shop

Includes boats suitably equipped for serving coffee, tea, Juices, biscuits, sweets, cakes and ice-creams on board anchoring or cruising boats.

Activity Code

Coffee Shop

Includes shops providing coffee and tea and other hot beverages as well juices, biscuits and some types of sandwiches, cakes, candy and ice cream without any preparation.

Activity Code

Oxygen Cafe

Includes firms operating oxygen stations where customers can inhale through a nasal cannula pure or flavored oxygen produced from the ambient air by an oxygen concentrator, which concentrate oxygen up to 98% compared to the normal atmospheric content of 21% oxygen, such concentrated oxygen is supposed to enhance health and well-being and reducing stress and increasing the body relaxation.

Activity Code

Sweets & Candies Preparing

Includes shops engaged in preparing and selling oriental and European sweets, tea,soft drinks, cakes and candies directly to the public for immediate consumption.

Activity Code

Fish Seller

Includes sellers who perform selling fishes directly to consumers in the public markets, the service provided includes cutting and preparing fishes for cooking.

Activity Groups

  • Restaurants and coffee shops
  • Tourism Activities