Activity Code

Marine Mining

Includes producing gypsum, salt, potassium, magnesium by desalinating sea water or recycling the desalination plants highly salt concentrated water, beside the minerals, potable and mineral water is

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Typewriter Manufacturing

Includes manufacturing typewriters, stencil machines.

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Biscuit Manufacturing

Includes manufacturing the salted, sweetened and flavored biscuits.

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Dolls Manufacturing

Includes manufacturing dolls and childrens toys made plastic, fabric, textiles, leather, metal, or of mixture of them.

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Agarwood & Incense Manufacturing

Includes manufacturing agarwood, oriental perfumes and incense.

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Trunks Manufacturing

Includes manufacturing large trunks for holding clothes and other personal belongings for extended periods.

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Varnish Manufacturing

Includes manufacturing chemical products for polishing metals,wood and leather, including floors and wooden doors varnish, as well as polishers of furniture, utensils and shoes.

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Cosmetics Manufacturing

Includes manufacturing cosmetics, such as body creams and lotions as well as various types of eye make-ups and facial cosmetics.

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Calculators Manufacturing

Includes manufacturing the device used to perform both basic and complex operations of arithmetic.

Activity Code

Bleaching Products Manufacturing

Includes manufacturing chlorine-based bleaches to use as household chemicals to whiten clothes and remove stains.

Activity Code

Coolants Manufacturing

Includes manufacturing coolants which are characterized of having high thermal capacity, low viscosity, chemically inert, and causing no corrosion when mixed with water and flown through or around a device to prevent its overheating.

Activity Code

Towels Manufacturing

Includes manufacturing the absorbent textile towels are made from cotton, rayon and are used for drying or wiping.

Activity Code

Powder Detergents Manufacturing

Includes manufacturing washing powder of mixtures of chemical compounds used for cleaning laundry.

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Boilers Manufacturing

Includes manufacturing steam boilers for centrally heating water in residential compounds, or to produce steam in central kitchens or laundries .

Activity Code

Diapers Manufacturing

Includes manufacturing diapers made of cloth or synthetic disposable materials.

Activity Groups

  • Appliances and machinery manufacturing
  • Block and building stones and industry
  • Casting of steel and iron
  • Equipment and engine manufacturing
  • Cotton & metal nets & ropes manufacturing
  • Manufacturing of garments and rugs
  • Manufacturing of chemicals
  • Handicraft Workshops
  • Foodstuff Mills and packaging
  • Food Industries
  • Ship building and repairing
  • Printing and publishing services
  • Plastic Industries
  • Personal Requisites manufacturing
  • Other Metal Industries
  • Metal containers & boxes manufacturing
  • Manufacturing of wood, wood products, and furniture
  • Manufacturing of paper and paper products
  • Waste collection and treatment
  • Textiles & products manufacturing
  • Structural steel manufacturing