Activity Code

Pebble Quarrying

Includes quarrying and cutting stones and rocks on site to render them marketable, also the collection of pebble and gravel from the surface or underground.

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Limestone Quarrying

Includes taking limestone from the ground either by digging with machines or by explosives to use in the manufacture of iron and steel, roads paving, or crushing and mixing with other materials to

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Sand Quarrying

Includes collecting sand whether for constructions or for extracting mineral ores , then pack on site to render marketable and prepared for industrial operations. This process includes underground

Activity Code

Gypsum Mining

Includes taking gypsum from the ground either by digging with machines or by explosives, it involves crushing, washing and grinding to produce the powder used in construction and medical

Activity Code

Marine Mining

Includes producing gypsum, salt, potassium, magnesium by desalinating sea water or recycling the desalination plants highly salt concentrated water, beside the minerals, potable and mineral water is

Activity Code

Onshore & Offshore Oil & Gas Fields Services

Includes providing technical and engineering services to enhance and develop production in the fields, it covers well drilling, testing and maintenance, drilling fluids engineering, diving for

Activity Code

Biscuit Manufacturing

Includes manufacturing the salted, sweetened and flavored biscuits.

Activity Code

Butter Manufacturing

Includes manufacturing butter by pasteurizing and churning cream of fresh and fermented milk.

Activity Code

Cheese Manufacturing

Includes manufacturing cheese from high quality fresh milk, including pasteurizing, purifying and the renneting.

Activity Code

Yogurt Manufacturing

Includes manufacturing yogurt by produced by bacterial fermentation of milk then sugar and fruits and other materials are added.

Activity Code

Tahina Manufacturing

Includes manufacturing tahina from juice of the toasted or untoasted sesame, in order to be used as a salad or in making desserts.

Activity Groups

  • Petroleum and Metal Extraction
  • Separate Professional Activities
  • Food Industries