Activity Code

Transport Furniture Manufacturing

Includes manufacturing seats and furniture fixed in airplanes, vehicles, yachts, ships and others.

Activity Code

Special Effects Production

Includes TV studios, equipped for TV and movie filming and for taking shots of special effects, artifices and tricks, through filming the same and tracking them on the tape previously filmed in open scenes or indoors or through using the computer, cartoon

Activity Code

Artistic Talent Contracting

Includes firms that represent artistic talent (e.g., musicians, singers, actors, dancers, visual artists, writers as individuals or groups) to perform at theatres, weddings, ceremonies and private functions or give artistic performances on behalf of licensed bodies and firms such as hotels, clubs and social institutions for a fee or for free. Also includes promotion of own services, performances and events through a licensed media provider.

Activity Code

Geophysical & Geological Studies & Services

Includes conducting geophysical and geological surveying by acoustic waves to determine the potential of oil, gas and minerals in deep ground layers, no engineering activities listed under activity no 7421-30 are involved.

Activity Code

Audio Recorded Media Reproduction Studio

Includes firms engaged in reproducing sound recordings and radio programs in tapes and compact discs from the master copies of such records, such service is limited to small scale and is directly provided to the public.

Activity Groups

  • Transport, Shipping, and Storage
  • Art Production
  • Applied Studies
  • Aircraft & train spare parts trading