Activity Code

Agricultural Pest Control

Includes firms providing consultancy and research related to agricultural economic feasibility, land reclamation and irrigation, agricultural project development, animal poultry farming.

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Land Preparation & Irrigation Systems Works & Maintenance

Includes soil leveling and tilling by agricultural equipment and machinery, also fertilization by natural and artificial fertilizers and nitrogen compounds, also executing and maintaining irrigation

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Industrial Solvents Manufacturing

Includes manufacturing chemical products for cleaning machines, instruments and equipment, including air conditioners, boilers, lifts, motor vehicles engines and other machines and instruments.

Activity Code

Cold Storage Compartment Manufacturing

Includes manufacturing cold storage compartments to store foodstuff, medicine or other perishable stuff and heat damaging materials, whether for commercial or industrial uses, also, refrigerators and freezers and similar devices in general stores for preserving and displaying foodstuff and other products, household refrigerators and freezers are classified under activity No. 2930-03

Activity Code

Gum & Glue Manufacturing

Includes extracting gum and glue from raw materials, for direct use in such original state, or use in producing various chemical compounds, as substances for adhesive and cosmetics.

Activity Code

Medicinal Chemicals Manufacturing

Includes the manufacture of journal, writing, drawing, typing,and wrapping paper, made of wood, paper residues or fibers pulp.

Activity Code

Notebooks & Writing Pads Manufacturing

Includes manufacturing notebooks made out of paper, used for purposes including recording notes or memoranda, writing, drawing.

Activity Code

Horse Equestrian Equipment & Requisites

Includes reselling of saddles, reins and other horse riding accessories, also, breeding, training, feeding and caring related requisites other than uniforms.

Activity Code

Auto Accessories Trading

Includes the reselling accessories fitted in cars and vehicle exterior such as, additional bumpers to adjust the exterior, air deflectors to increase the cars efficiency, baggage loading racks to diversify the cars use, sun and rain protectors and small trailers, as well as the interior electronic and smart devices, also, devices fitted in public service vehicles such as police, ambulances and fire engines.

Activity Code

Sterilizers & Disinfectants Trading

Includes trading of disinfectants and sterilizers made of chemicals, either in a gaseous or liquid form and used to eliminate microorganisms from hands, surfaces, floors, and clothes.

Activity Code

Handling, Loading & Lifting Equipment Trading

Includes reselling tools and equipment utilized in loading and unloading in ports, airports and customs stations, including winches, handling equipment, carriages.

Activity Code

Stationery Trading

Includes reselling stationery, such as copying and writing paper, notebooks, record books, various types of pens and pencils, rulers, sharpeners, paper perforators, paper clipping requisites, ready stamps, typewriters ribbons and other stationery materials, also, drawing requisites including geometrical drawing pencils, decorative pens, rulers, triangular rulers, colors, color pencils, ink, drawing paper and others.

Activity Code

Sports Wear Trading

Includes reselling sportswear for exercising sports, including socks, shoes, hats, gloves, balls, bags and training suits.

Activity Code

Animal & Poultry Farms Equipment Trading

Includes reselling cow, cattle and sheep, or chicken, ducks, pigeons breeding farms machinery and equipment, as well as other birds and animals bred for trading and processing their products.

Activity Code

Dry Batteries Manufacturing

includes manufacturing the device consisting of one or more electrochemical cells that convert stored chemical energy into electrical energy, it involves the primary type which is used once and discharges, and the secondary type which is designed to be recharged and used multiple times

Activity Groups

  • Foodstuff Mills and packaging
  • Auto Spare Parts Trading
  • Electronics Group
  • Floor Mills
  • Chemicals Trading
  • Personal Requisites Repairing
  • Other Trading Activities
  • Motor Vehicle Repairing
  • Metals & Its Products Trading
  • Medicines Trading
  • Mechanical & Engineering Equipments Trading
  • Waste Trading
  • Trading in Motor Vehicles and Motorcycles
  • Stationary and Books Trading
  • Sports Equipments Trading
  • Roastry
  • Repairing of Equipment
  • Repairing of Electrical & Electronic Appliances
  • Ready-made garments group
  • Trasport, shipping and storage