Activity Code

Bicycles & Spare Parts Trading

Includes reselling the two or three wheeled bicycles used for recreation, transportation, racing and as childrens toys.

Activity Code

Trains Spare Parts & Components Trading

Includes reselling specialized parts of railway locomotives and rolling Stock, such as axles and wheels, brakes, hooks and coupling devices, buffers, shock absorbers, wagon and locomotive frames, bodies, corridor connections.

Activity Code

Medical, Surgical Equipment & Instruments Trading

Includes reselling instruments and equipment used in hospitals and clinics for diagnosis, treatment, surgical operations, medicine and blood preservation, X-raying, sterilization, waste disposal, physical therapy and rehabilitation, also, manual kits and instruments used for check-up, surgical operations and bandaging, as well as electronic devices using communication techniques.

Activity Code

Tannery & Dyeing Materials Trading

Includes reselling the solutions that contain dyes and particular chemical material used to add color to textile products, it also involves the acidic chemical compounds for treating skins of animals to produce leather.

Activity Code

Fishing & Hunting Requisites Trading

Includes reselling of fishing, nets, threads, hooks and rods,as well as animal hunting rifles, ammunition, nets, traps, bows, arrows and others, beside falcon breeders and training requisites.

Activity Code

Vending Machines Trading

Includes reselling vending machines located in public places for selling beverages and snacks, newspapers and publications, DVDs, cigarettes, photo booths, as well as paying public services charges such as Etisalat bills payment machines.

Activity Code

Sport Equipment Trading

Includes reselling sports and fitness fixed equipment, including cycling bikes, running and walking devices, ping-pong tables, nets, spears, beech canes and games results calculators, watersport equipment, such as, diving devices, surf boards, windsurfs, also, trophies such as cups, medals, shields as well as engraving and writing on them as per order.

Activity Code

Animals and Birds Requisites Trading

Includes reselling animals’ accessories, such as, saddles, reins for horses and camels and other, involving veils, stands, straps and gloves for breeding falcons and training, pets requisites, such as, leashes, beds, crates, grooming tools …etc.

Activity Code

Advertising Signboards Cleaning Services

Includes cleaning signboards fixed on streets and roads.

Activity Code

Educational Aids Trading

Includes reselling the devices used by a teacher to clarify a subject, including drawings, Shapes, maps, samples, puzzles, mathematics and alphabets resources..etc.

Activity Code

Catering Equipment Trading

Includes reselling industrial kitchens equipment and machinery usually used by hotels, restaurants and hospitals to prepare, preserve and serve meals. These equipment are ovens, grillers, dishwashers, cold rooms, chillers, warmers and refrigerators, (glass fronts) service counters, conveyor belts,... etc.

Activity Code

Lighting Equipment & Requisites Trading

Includes reselling lighting devices in public gardens, parks, squares, airports, sports stadium and others.

Activity Code

Pest Control Equipment Trading

Includes reselling pests control and fighting devices, except pesticides which are classified under activity no.5150-02

Activity Code

Agricultural Tractors & Machinery Trading

Includes reselling of agricultural tractors and machinery, ploughs, seeding devices, and harvesters, and other attachments to enable for different uses.

Activity Code

Measuring & Control Systems Trading

Includes reselling of all measurement, observation and control systems and equipment, this applies to land surveying, measurement of quantities, distances, temperature, humidity, height, geographical and environmental changes, also, equipment and devices to control the flow of water, liquids, electricity, gases, regulators of speed and operations of production levels, also, cadastral and meteorology meters, also, devices to automate and control electrical and electronic appliances in residential

Activity Groups

  • Foodstuff Mills and packaging
  • Auto Spare Parts Trading
  • Electronics Group
  • Floor Mills
  • Chemicals Trading
  • Personal Requisites Repairing
  • Other Trading Activities
  • Motor Vehicle Repairing
  • Metals & Its Products Trading
  • Medicines Trading
  • Mechanical & Engineering Equipments Trading
  • Waste Trading
  • Trading in Motor Vehicles and Motorcycles
  • Stationary and Books Trading
  • Sports Equipments Trading
  • Roastry
  • Repairing of Equipment
  • Repairing of Electrical & Electronic Appliances
  • Ready-made garments group
  • Trasport, shipping and storage