Activity Code

Computers & Requisites Trading

Includes reselling computers and accessories, including servers, modems, monitors, central processing units, printers, drawing and programmed discs, disc readers, memory and file storage requisites.

Activity Code

Astronomy, Earthquakes & Meteorology Monitoring Equipment Trading

Includes reselling the specialized devices for measuring natural phenomena such as wind speed and cyclones detectors, temperature meters, air monitoring stations’ equipment, measuring and monitoring of earthquakes devices, devices for observing astronomical phenomena, such as, telescopes and magnifying equipment in different sizes and magnitudes, also, astronomical instrument for geographical locations and celestial bodies distances calculations.

Activity Code

Wireless Equipment & Instruments Trading

Includes the resale of wireless communication equipment, including mobile and fixed units, massaging devices or inter- communicative mobile unites, also, ground stations receiving information or communication or any transmission oriented by satellites.

Activity Code

Sea Cleaning Equipment Trading

Includes reselling the specialized mechanical equipment designed to clean up and collect and remove marine floating debris, also the specially designed sifting devices to remove rubbish and other foreign matter form beach sand.

Activity Code

Electronic Precision Instruments Trading

Includes selling electronic devices to observe different phenomena indiscernible by ordinary senses, such as sound waves and vibrations detectors, minute objects observers and measuring instruments. Laboratory and medical equipment are not included herein.

Activity Code

SIM Trading

Includes selling Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) issued by telecommunication companies, which stores an integrated circuit card identifier (ICCID) and international mobile subscriber identity (IMSI) and all the services that the subscriber can use.

Activity Code

Used Auto Spare Parts & Requisites Trading

Includes reselling the spare parts and components which cover the overall of the motor vehicle such as body parts and mirrors, brakes, suspension and steering, engine and drive train , exterior and interior accessories, headlights and lighting.

Activity Code

People of Determination Equipment Trading

Includes reselling equipment and articles for the handicapped or persons with temporary or permanent disabilities and senior citizens. They are designed to work as artificial or auxiliary organs during the medical treatment process or permanently replacing an amputated organ. It involves wheelchairs, walkers, special beds as well as pacemakers and controlling devices for hypertension, diabetes, cholesterol and hearing aids.

Activity Code

Paging Receivers Trading

Includes the resale of wireless paging devices operated as telecommunication systems to receive messages and telephone number, other telecommunication devices are classified in class 5150

Activity Code

Adhesives Trading

Includes reselling of glass, metal, plastic, wood fixing adhesive, packs, boxes, carton boxes closing tapes, paper, tiles, flooring and cladding adhesives and tapes, and any other material not classified under glue and gum.

Activity Code

Cheese Balls Manufacturing

Includes preparing the crunchy balls covered with cheese or cheese flavors.

Activity Code

Gum Powder Manufacturing

Includes grinding gum Arabic or any kind of gum and producing in powder in order to use in various industrial applications, such as food, cosmetics, textiles, pharmaceuticals, and paints industries.

Activity Code

Sugar Cubes Manufacturing

Includes preparing sugar cubes by wetting granulated sugar and pressing cubed moulds and the drying and packing.

Activity Code

Pasta & Macaroni Manufacturing

Includes making pasta and macaroni semolina flour, including kneading, forming and packing.

Activity Code

Rubber Trading

Includes reselling natural and synthetic rubber to use in manufacturing such as tires, belts, bags shoes, synthetic sponge.

Activity Groups

  • Foodstuff Mills and packaging
  • Auto Spare Parts Trading
  • Electronics Group
  • Floor Mills
  • Chemicals Trading
  • Personal Requisites Repairing
  • Other Trading Activities
  • Motor Vehicle Repairing
  • Metals & Its Products Trading
  • Medicines Trading
  • Mechanical & Engineering Equipments Trading
  • Waste Trading
  • Trading in Motor Vehicles and Motorcycles
  • Stationary and Books Trading
  • Sports Equipments Trading
  • Roastry
  • Repairing of Equipment
  • Repairing of Electrical & Electronic Appliances
  • Ready-made garments group
  • Trasport, shipping and storage