Activity Code

Insecticides Trading

Includes reselling natural or synthetic chemicals used to manage insects pests in homes, hotels, hospitals, warehouses, ships

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Detergents Trading

Includes reselling detergents for cleaning clothes, carpets, floors, also, bleachers and deodorants for bathrooms, kitchens and drainage points, also, utensils and glass polishers and air fresheners.

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Antennas Trading

Includes resellingthe electric devices which convert electric power into radio waves to use in radio and television broadcasting, telecommunication receivers, wireless computer network, radar.

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Petrochemicals Trading

Includes the resale of petrochemicals derived from transforming refined oil derivatives and classified as light petrochemicals such as Olovires, Butylene, Ethylene, Probalene, aromatic compounds, Benzene, Toluene, Xylene Methanol, Formaldehyde, Ammonia and Urea, or intermediate petrochemicals such as Monovinyl chloride and final petrochemicals such as polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride, carbon and the Hydrogen.such products are used in various commercial and industrial as crude before any treatmen

Activity Code
Kids Salon

Children Hairdressing

Includes firm salons involved in children hair dressing, as well as other cosmetic treatments which involve childrens face painting for different entertainment occasions, such firms are allowed to sell preparations and tools and accessories relevant to service provision , such as, perfumes and cosmetics, soap and hair care products and beauty and personal care requisites in non-bulk quantities.

Activity Code

Motor Vehicles Manufacturing

Includes firms where skilled workers and robotic systems bring together all of the necessary loose components, such as chassis, body, engine, tires, whether fully manufactured outside the factory or partly inside, and then assemble together to create a final product.

Activity Groups

  • Foodstuff Mills and packaging
  • Auto Spare Parts Trading
  • Electronics Group
  • Floor Mills
  • Chemicals Trading
  • Personal Requisites Repairing
  • Other Trading Activities
  • Motor Vehicle Repairing
  • Metals & Its Products Trading
  • Medicines Trading
  • Mechanical & Engineering Equipments Trading
  • Waste Trading
  • Trading in Motor Vehicles and Motorcycles
  • Stationary and Books Trading
  • Sports Equipments Trading
  • Roastry
  • Repairing of Equipment
  • Repairing of Electrical & Electronic Appliances
  • Ready-made garments group
  • Trasport, shipping and storage